$399 + States Fees

Non-Profits and charitable foundations play a very important role in our society. They help ensure that some of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters get the assistance and support they so badly need. We believe that the founders of Non-Profits, in turn, should get the right support they need to get started so they can start impacting their communities positively.

BizLauncher Impact gives your Non-Profit Startup access to critical resources that help you get launched in the simplest and most seamless way possible.

Is BizLauncher Impact right for you?

If you tick any of the following boxes, BizLauncher Impact may be right for you.

  • The central ethos of your business is community outreach

  • You wish to leverage the opportunities that a tax-exempt status could unlock for your business to help a wider cross-section of individuals

  • You wish to incorporate a charity or a foundation

With BizLauncher Impact, we do the following for you to start your business:

  • File formation documents with your state of choice

  • Registered Agent services

  • Business license research

  • Corporate Bylaws or Operating Agreement

  • Electronic delivery of documents

  • Banking resolution

We also work with the following partners to give you special offers and access to some very critical resources that will help you launch and run your non-profit successfully:

We are consistently working with other partners to expand the range of solutions of BizLauncher Impact over time. If BizLauncher Impact isn’t right for you today, feel free to check out our other business formation products.

BizLauncher FinTech

Looking to launch a lending business that harnesses the latest technological solutions to exponentially grow your startup? With BizLauncher FinTech, we have curated some of the best and latest resources in the cloud computing and financial technology space to add to your business startup options.

BizLauncher Flex

Prefer to build your own package? BizLauncher Flex gives you the ability to build your own business formation package a la carte style. You have full flexibility to choose the services that are added to your startup package as you to select what you want us to do for you, and leave off what you prefer to handle by yourself.

BizLauncher Disrupt

Do you plan on upending your industry based on the phenomenal growth you project for your business? Do you intend on raising outside funding from Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists in order to finance this phenomenal growth that you project? Then BizLauncher Disrupt is best suited for your startup.

BizLauncher Global

Are you an entrepreneur located outside of the US that is looking to launch your app or build an awesome e-commerce business? You may need to enable payment services like Stripe or Paypal on your website to accomplish this. BizLauncher Global helps you launch and open your business banking account in the US.

$399 + States Fees

If BizLauncher Impact is right for you, don’t hesitate